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  • Julie

    ‘’We’ve been truly privileged to have gained a host of devoted regulars, admirers, and advocates over the…

  • Jazz

    Jazz has been our Apprentice since October 2015, she has almost completed her Level 2 training and…


    Having recently joined Knots Hairdressing as a junior stylist from a Salon based in Broadstairs Chloe, is…

  • Annemarie

    It's great to be looked after by a skilled stylist - it’s even better when the greatest…

  • Terri-Ann

    After training within a top-London Salon, I decided to join the team here and absolutely love working…

  • Kerry

    “I’ve enjoyed a career lasting over 14 years in the most amazing industry, and I’ve spent each…

  • Katie

    Few of our team have dedicated themselves to continually improving our client's salon experience with so much…


why us?

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our history

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